Antipodean Advisory

Antipodean Advisory is a privately-owned wealth management and financial services advisory firm providing people from all walks of life with personal strategic financial advice and tailored wealth management solutions.

We are obsessed with helping people reach their wealth potential.

Antipodean Advisory Pty Ltd is a corporate authorised representative (1271526) of Capstone Financial Planning Pty Ltd AFSL 223135.  For more information on Capstone Financial Planning refer to their website, call 1300 306 900, fax (03) 8622 0799 or email

Our Aim

We are committed to helping clients understand their options within an often complex financial world, reducing risk and increasing financial certainty so that our clients can gain control of their finances and maximise their wealth creation opportunities.

We do this by developing a financial roadmap that outlines a clear direction towards long term wealth creation and financial prosperity.

Our Experience

With over 25 years of experience working within financial services developing, advising on and selling investment products we have taken the core of what we learned through years of investment banking and funds management experience to offer a service that directly assists people and is more fulfilling for us. This is a ‘match made in heaven’ where personal satisfaction grows daily.

Our passion and knowledge for the markets, investing, financial products, maximising returns, minimising tax and investment theories is large and is why we are good at what we do. We are not simply providing a service of product selection, with our knowledge and experience you can rest assure that we are tailoring to your specific needs and wants based on an endless range of opportunities and options we can advise on with conviction.

What we stand for

Simple, easy to understand financial advice, solutions and services for anyone wanting more certainty over their financial destiny.