I have just received, perused and given consideration to the latest report. Without request I write to confirm my satisfaction with the service you are and have provided for the past three and half years. I have the greatest confidence in your straightforward advice. I have no doubt whatsoever that your advice is directed to what is in my best interest. You have in excess of one million dollars of mine under your control and this will continue to grow and produce income under guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending you and your advice,
— John Retired Judge
I had been apprehensive about the risk of investing in shares or wealth portfolios but Michael tailored a plan specifically to match my risk profile. My cash is now earning significantly more than it was in term deposits and low interest bank accounts, while still giving me the security of a medium risk portfolio. I have already recommended Michael to friends as he doesn’t just provide a one size fits all offering, he takes the time to get to know your individual financial situation and create a realistic but challenging plan to ensure your money will work well for you. It has given me peace of mind as I no longer worry that I’m missing out on wealth creation. My money is working for me without me having to do anything. We also did a restructure of my superannuation and insurances to ensure I’m protected for the future as well.
— Ruth G. Chief Financial Officer
I met Michael socially in our local area so knew him on a personal level before engaging him professionally. After learning what his speciality is, I asked him to take me on as a client as I was unhappy with the level of service from my previous adviser. Although I had had a previous planner, I didn’t really understand what was happening and never heard from them. Michael was quick to explain the process and I had straight up trust in what he was doing.

Michael’s communication is great and I enjoy receiving the reports on my super and tracking how it is going as I have full confidence in his recommendations. He also put my insurances right to and covered me for what I actually need. We tend not to worry about our super sometimes but after working with Michael I have realised the importance of it and what it can do long term. I feel I am in a much better position and back on track and its thanks to Michael. I have even referred my mum and other family members which says a lot.
— Luke C. Mortgage Broker
We came to Michael to help guide us in our early years as a couple, to help make sure we are set up correctly for our older years. We are in it for the long haul, however once meeting with Michael I was really surprised on the short-term impact he has had.
As the main decision maker in our household, Michael has helped ease a lot of stress and pressure I was feeling from making all the big calls. I would say this is one of the most valuable things I personal get form his guidance. It’s like having a top player, and he’s on the bench and I get to call him up to play whenever I need, and it leads to all the right goals.
I couldn’t recommend Michael more. Always ready to explain things simply for us, gives us multiple options and most importantly works to our goals. Not just a general plan for wealth, I feel our journey with Michael is personalised, ready to grow and adapt with us. It’s a team.
— Alysia & Simon, Branding/Packaging Designer & Service Manager
After meeting Michael for the first time my wife and I felt comfortable with his thoughts on our financial future. He has given us a strategy to survive in our later years, as my wife is a few years younger than me her aged pension does not apply for the next 7 years but after consulting with Michael we will be able to live comfortably until this occurs. We would recommend Michael to look after your financial affairs this also includes Centrelink negotiations.
— Rob & Gaye C. Retiree & Registered Nurse
Michael has taken the time to sit and listen to us and work with us on the best solutions for us. We have to say that he has lifted the burden we felt when making certain financial decisions because as parents and business owners we don’t have the time or wherewithal to thoroughly investigate and research our options. It’s like having a coach for your finances keeping you financially fit. Michael is not only a great guy but easy to work with and we feel secure in the knowledge that the plans we are making together are benefiting us now and into the future. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael as a financial planner.
— Mike & Angela S. Principals, Media Smiths
We were very fortunate to be introduced to Michael Clapham over two years ago, knowing what to do with our financials were quite overwhelming until Michael became our financial advisor. He had helped us reconfiguring superannuation and choosing a managed fund based on our long-term goals set by providing us with an extensive financial plan, also pointing out the importance of life insurance and income protection insurance, thus I can feel confidence in both our current situation and our future.

I am always happy to recommend Michael to anyone and any small business looking for personalised service.
— Johnny & Anna. Graphic Designer & Landscape Architect
Through Michael providing advice on number of financial fronts, we have managed to increase our financial security, with a long term plan to ensure that we maximise our superannuation for our retirement. Michael took the time to understand our financial goals, and plan a strategy to help us achieve these. Michael has guided us with strategies to reduce our taxes, increase our superannuation, as well as pay off our mortgage debt.

We have always found that Michael is easy to discuss matters with, and provides frequent updates on our financial position throughout the year. We would highly recommend Michael, and have done so to family and friends over the past year.
— Justin & Sarah. Civil Engineer & Personal Assistant
Michael has been an integral part in helping my husband and I organise our finances to set us up for the future. Not long after buying our first home, Michael helped us understand our home finances from what types of insurance were necessary for our position to how we set up our home bank accounts. He has since further assisted me as I transitioned into self employment, his advice being invaluable. My husband and I are both in the creative industry so finances aren’t our key strength! However with Michael’s assistance in giving us a simple structure to work to (in clear and easy to understand terms) we have been able to achieve our financial goals.

Thanks Michael!
— Luisa & Nick. Graphic Designers
With the advice Michael has provided us, my wife and I take comfort knowing that our financial future is secure. We can be at ease and stress less as we know that our money is working hard towards our life goals. He has been accommodating to our requests and patient with assisting us understand what our money is doing. I would recommend anyone requiring achieving financial goals seek Michael’s guidance.
— Bernard & Elizabeth. Lead Technican & Director